Innovative Digital Learning for Education

Training teachers in the application of ICT technology and innovation to improve student performances and learning outcomes.

IDL for Teachers
Applies four key components to the teaching and learning methods of the school and delivers improvement in every aspect of teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom.
IDL Millennium
Specially designed to ensure that 21st century skills are successfully embedded into teaching and learning processes in schools
Eco-Friendly Education
Education is a remarkable educative program that introduces students to the concepts and informative resources on the Environment and its protection, Renewable Energy, Green Technologies, Eco-friendly activities and finally Sustainable Development.

Innovative Digital Learning for Business

Specially designed to equip today’s organizational employees with cutting edge ICT skills, soft skills, and administrative talents to ensure they perform exceptionally well in today’s technology driven work place.

We provide ICT trainings specially designed to equip organizational employees, entrepreneurs, and career professionals with skills and competencies geared towards performing exceptionally well in todays innovation driven 21st century work environment.
Soft skills
Equipping organizational employees with necessary soft skills to ensure that they work efficiently with their teams and constantly exceed client’s expectations.
Work Ethic, Staff Productivity and Performance
Equipping organizational employees with the necessary skills to utilize their time, energy and resources for maximum productivity and performance in the workplace.
Project Management
The Basics and fundamentals of Project Planning, WBS Creation, scheduling, critical activities. Resource loading, S-curve creation, Updating Progress and Printing and formatting of Schedules. Schedule Fore-casting, Progress Tracking and Project Execution
Leadership Essentials for Managers and Executives
This course is designed specially to provide individuals in leadership positions with key skills needed develop excellent leadership styles tailored to their targeted objectives and to inspire innovation, growth and success in their teams.
Learning Agility in the work place
This course will equip employees with the skills required to increase their ability to study, analyze, and understand new situations and new business problems.

Entrepreneur Training

Training programs specifically designed to assist and empower entrepreneurs to success.

Business Strategy
Iconic business strategy training to empower entrepreneur and business professionals in leading their enterprises to victory.
Social Media Marketing
Driving sales and increase customer engagement through social media marketing. Using the social marketing techniques specific for your target market

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